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2017 Golf Schedule

Date Opponent Time
4/3/2017 V @West Monona 4:00
4/8/2017 V @ Sibley 9:00
4/10/2017 V @ Woodbury Central 4:00
4/13/2017 V Tourney (1 JV team) @ Kingsley 4:00
4/17/2017 JV/V @ Akron 4:30
4/18/2017 V @ Ridge View 4:00
4/18/2017 JV Woodbury Central (conference schools) 4:00
4/20/2017 JV/V @ Ridge View Holstein 4:00
4/24/2017 V @ MVAO Mapleton 4:00
4/24/2017 JV Woodbury Central (conference schools) 4:00
4/25/2017 JV @ Anthon 4:00
4/27/2017 Conference Rain Date 4:00
5/1/2017 V @ River Valley Correctionville 4:00
5/1/2017 JV Woodbury Central (conference schools) 4:00
5/2/2017 V WC Tournament  (SLS.M./Wwood/KP) (1 JV team) 9:00
5/6/2017 V @ LeMars Tourney (18) 8:00
5/9/2017 V WVC Championships @ LeMars 10:00
5/12/2017 V Sectionals @ Moville 10:00
5/18/2017 V Districts @ Ft. Dodge (Lakeside GC) 10:00
5/26/2017 V State @ Marshalltown TBD

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Boys Golf
By Zach Thomas
The Woodbury Central boy’s golf team has six of its seven returning starters from last year including seniors Anthony Gallagher, Jacob Harris and Brent Bormann. Other returning starters include juniors Carter Schultzen, Dustin Widman, and Christopher Mandl. “We won Conference and Sectionals last year, and got fourth in our District,” says Schultzen. 
The WC boys’ golf team is coached by former WC graduates Matt Jenness and Nathan Lubbers. “We are looking to have a great year with a tough team with a lot of starters back with us again this year,” says Gallagher. The boys’ golf season kicked off April 3 at West Monona, with its home opener on April 10. The month of May begins the team’s post-season with the Western Valley Conference Tournament in LeMars on May 9 with the team looking for its second straight championship. Sectionals will be held at The Meadows on May 12. Following Sectionals will be Districts in Ft. Dodge on May 18, and State will take place May 26 in Marshalltown. Other golfers include seniors Simone Zambrin and Tony Glackin; juniors Blake Stratton, Cody Kennedy, Colt Petersen and Braden Wilcox; sophomores Logan Hammond, Matthew Nissen, Ryan Bormann and Seth Stamm; and freshmen Caleb Lubbers, Jakob Schultz, Matt Carney and Seth Even.
Mrs. Gallagher coaches the WC girls’ golf team and the Woodbury Central girls’ golf team is lead by this year’s only senior Maddie Crichton. Crichton is one of last year’s returning starters which also includes State qualifier WC sophomore Sally Gallagher.  “We have a lot of new golfers this year, showing a lot of potential,” says Sally Gallagher. “It has us all excited for this season.” Other golfers include juniors Casie Petersen and Joci Ofert; sophomores Gallagher, Sidnie Graff, and Raegan Petersen; and freshmen Hanna Stratton, Megan Warren and Sara Crichton.
Important dates included the home opener at The Meadows on April 13, the Conference meet May 9 in LeMars, Regionals to qualify for State on May 15, and then State on May 30. (Both Regionals and State have no set location yet).