Solo Night

Solo night was last Thursday at Woodbury Central High School. The solos were sung by members of Woodbury Central’s choir. Among the performers, 3 seniors participated: Jordan Martin, Joci Oftert, and Trevor Clark. When asked why the performance was held, Ms. Rollison replied, “(It) gives the kids a chance to show their individual ability and talent.”

To prepare for the solo night, students volunteer and sing in front of the choir class. They are approved by Ms. Rollison. Some of the songs performed were “Simple Man” written by Lynrd Skynrd and performed by Joci Ofert, and “Hope” written and performed by Trevor Clark.

-Nathan Lister

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Student of the Month

By: Ethan Copeland

Too cool for school? Not Miah Manker, Woodbury Central Student of the month.

Miah Manker, a junior at Woodbury Central, was nominated by Mr. Bormann for January Student of the Month. Mr. Bormann said, “I nominated Miah because she is a good student in general, she is responsible, and she is respectful.” There were certain criteria Miah had to meet to become student of the month. Some of the criteria that stood out to Mr. Bormann were her outstanding grades, her attendance, her leadership, and her attitude. Mr. Bormann added, “The biggest reason for why I elected Miah is because of her consideration to others.”

When asked how she felt about being elected student of the month, Miah said, “ I feel honored and appreciative.” Miah is involved in a lot of  extracurricular activities including volleyball, basketball cheer, drama, speech, show choir, and student council. Miah commented, “I stay on top of things by taking advantage of my study halls and work time I am given in class.”

Congratulations to Miah!