High School

Senior Interview:

By Pyper Gibbs

Jadyn Drew Haggin is a senior attending Woodbury Central. She was born on March 5th, 2001 at St. Luke’s in Sioux City. Her parents are Jayson Haggin and Melissa Gladden. She has two siblings, 32 year old Amber and 26 year old Alec. Jadyn also has a dog, a Boston Terrier, named Skipper.

Jadyn’s hobbies are hanging out with her friends and binge watching TV shows. Her favorite TV shows are Desperate Housewives, Glee, Greys Anatomy, Friday Night Lights, One Tree Hill, and Criminal Minds. She could not pick because “they’re all good.”

Haggin’s favorite movies are any of the Harry Potter because she can watch them over and over again. Her favorite artist is Lady Gaga. Haggin went to a Post Malone concert with her friends and they “almost died of heat,” she adds. Haggin’s is a big fan of Baja Blast because “it is the best drink” and it is only sold in the summer so she has to stock up while she can.

Haggin’s favorite class in school is Ms. Reinder’s classes because of her “fun, laid back teaching” and her friends her classes.

Haggin’s most embarrassing moment during high school was when she fell in the 4x200 at the BVU meet her freshman year. Her most memorable moment is all the summers she spent with her friends. Her favorite was going to Okoboji with Pyper, Taiylor, and Maggie.

Her advice for underclassmen is go to everything you can, games, dances, any school event because “it may seem lame now but you miss being able to do those things with your friends after high school.” Haggin does not know what college she attending yet. She will be majoring in either nursing or criminal justice.

Henry Burbach Senior Interview

Benton Jackson

Henry Burbach is a Senior at Woodbury Central. He was born in South Korea on May 20, 2000. His parents are John and Pam, and he has a brother named Ben.

Burbach also has one dog and two cats, Peanut and Pumpkin. He likes dogs because “They are more friendly and playful.” Burbach enjoys playing his dog and two cats, but he also enjoys sleeping and eating sushi because “It is good,” he says.

Burbach will be studying computer information systems at Arizona State University next fall. If he had any advice for the underclassmen it would be to respect the upper class. He marks that if you respect the upperclassmen they will ‘“help you out and be there for you.”

Burbach enjoys spanish class because it is easy for him to pick up and learn. He would like to minor in spanish.  

Senior Interview

Matt Nissen is a senior at Woodbury Central High School.  Nissen is 18, and he was born in Sioux City. He is a son and a sibling at home, as he has a mother named Maureen, a father named Larry, and a sister name Jacqueline, who is 21 years old.  Nissen, along with a family, has a dog named Casey as well.

Nissen, in his freetime, enjoys a few hobbies.  His favorite show to watch is The Office, because, “It is very funny.”  Along with watching T.V., he likes to play video games with his buddies.  In the summer, he likes to play frisbee golfing, otherwise known as “frolfing.”  After all that exercise, Nissen wants a snack. His favorite food is pizza, because, “It’s so simple, but so good.”

Nissen’s favorite class in High School is public speaking with Mrs. Heiman.  “It’s a class you’ll always need.” He’s been in High School for four years, and his advice to younger students is, “Keep your grades up and make sure you do [well] in school because it matters when you are looking for colleges.”  Nissen plans on attending the University of Iowa. He’s going to study Health Science to become a physical therapist.

korver Senior Interview: Tori Korver

By Pyper Gibbs and Benton Jackson

Tori Korver is a senior at Woodbury Central. She was born on April 16, 2001 at St. Lukes in Sioux City. Her parents are John Korver and Connie Korver. Korver also has two sisters. Their names are Samantha and Miley. She also has a dog named Duke.

Korver’s favorite classes in high school are photography and Foundations of Education. She enjoys photography because it allows her to learn new picture taking technique and she loves taking pictures. Korver is attending the University of Northern Iowa next year. She is majoring in Elementary Education.

Korver’s hobbies are dance and photography. She has been doing dance her whole life and has been in love with it since the day she started. Korver likes photography because she loves to take pictures of people and being able to capture the perfect moment in a picture.

Her most memorable moment in high school is getting 1st place at State Dance, and she mentions “it was the best feeling ever.”

Korver’s favorite TV shows are One Tree Hill, The Office, Friends, and Criminal Minds. Her favorite band is Brantley Gilbert and Luke Combs. She went to their concerts with Austin Rapp, Kurt Countryman, Miah Manker, Reagan Petersen, and Louisa Fickbohm. They all got to meet Luke Combs.

Korver says, “Don’t wish high school away. Enjoy every moment, it goes by faster than you think.”

louise Senior Interview

By: Lindsie and Madelynn

Louisa Fickbohm is a senior at Woodbury Central High School. Fickbohm has one sister and one brother. Sydney is a freshman in high school and her brother is a sixth grader in middle school. Louisa was born November 17, 2000 at Saint Luke's Hospital, in Sioux City, Iowa. Fickbohm has one dog, and her name is Hero. While Louisa was taking her senior photos she said, “She would sit with me during my photoshoot and smile.”

Some of Fickbohm’s hobbies are drawing, reading, bullet journaling, and listening to music. “I've always liked being creative with my artistic side,” she said. Her favorite band is Blink 182 because, “I enjoy listening to them.” Fickbohm’s favorite food is pizza. She claims that she holds many memories of cooking pizzas with her parents and making a mess in the kitchen.

       Louisa’s favorite class in school is Advanced Biology, because she loves to learn about the human body. “I had amazing classmates who always made me laugh.” Fickbohm quotes. Some of her favorite memories from high school are winning first place in Pom at State Dance this year, and going to Texas for the NASA trip. Fickbohm plans to continue studying in biology and get a career in the medical field. She hopes to find opportunities to serve on mission trips.

Before she graduates she would like to pass down some advice for her underclassmen. “Be confident and joyful in all you do! Being happy everyday makes for a joyful high school.”


Miah Manker

By Rhuann Bruneau

Miah Manker is a senior at Woodbury Central. Miah was born in Minnesota on Dec. 18, 2000. Her parents are Jason Manker, Tiffany Manker, and she has a youngerle brother named Jase. Miah plans on attending Iowa State and Majoring in Clinical Psychology. She wants to go into psychology. “I want to be a doctor of psychology that works with children and work in my own clinic,” Manker said.

Miahs loves to hang out with her best friend Maddie, watch Netflix and youtube and going shopping. Her favorite movie is Tangled because she “Likes the love story,” and Heathers because of the style and plot.

Miah's favorite show is Vampire Diaries, she loves the “drama and character development,” that comes with watching the show. Miah's favorite animal is a buffalo because she finds them “so peaceful and fluffy.” Miah has a love for Chinese food, she finds it very “yummy!” Her favorite band is One Direction because their music always puts her in a good mood.

Miahs most memorable part of high school was being nominated and winning Sweetheart Queen in her sophomore year. The most embarrassing part of Miah's high school experience was being on JV track and having to turn off the lights after practice and having the buses almost leave as she was running. Miah's class was US History with Mr. Galloway. It was her favorite class because she “learned a lot of new information” in that class.

Miah's advice for her underclassmen is to “try everything! You’ll become friends with all different types of people and gain great memories.”

Jolee Jolee Bruneau Senior Interview

By: Morgan Hansen, Campbell Hansen, and Lindsie Graff

Jolee Bruneau is a 17-year-old senior at Woodbury Central High School. She has one sister, Rhu, and her mom, Courtney, and dad, Travis. Bruneau has lived in Moville her entire life.

Bruneau will be graduating in May. She has generally enjoyed high school, except for her freshman year. “Everything was new and scary, and eventually the wonder of the newness wore off, but not the fear,” she said. Bruneau does not have any favorite classes, because “I feel every class is important to me as long as I am gaining knowledge.”

Ruh-roh! Scooby Doo, released in 2002, is Bruneau’s favorite movie. She says, “I grew up on it, and it’s so bad it’s good.” Bruneau does not have a favorite TV show, but she enjoys the “old school MTV” show Rob & Big. Besides watching Scooby Doo, she also likes to listen to music. Her favorite band is Ghost BC. She says, “they are one of the few bands that I am happy listening to all of their songs, not just a certain album, or only one song.”

Embroidery is a favorite hobby of Bruneau. She started her junior year, and has loved it ever since. She likes to play video games, reading, writing, and drawing. Bruneau is considered one of the artistic students at WC. In fact, her favorite moment in high school was in junior year when Mr. Buckley took a group of students to a conference art show. Bruneau entered some artwork, and two of her pieces received blue ribbons.

Jolee Bruneau plans to take a little break from education after graduating to “figure herself out.” She hopes to get money and eventually go to WIT Community College. In ten years, Bruneau is hoping to have a steady job, a home, pets, and she also wants to seek more schooling.

Her advice to underclassmen is, “Don’t hate a class just because the subject isn’t something that particularly interests you. Acknowledge that any knowledge is good to learn. You are constantly gaining information everywhere you are, why draw the line with school?”

Matt Carley Senior Interview - Matt Carley

By Benton Jackson

Matt Carley is a senior at Woodbury Central High School. Carley was born May 4, 2001. Carley lives with his sister Liberty, and his mother and father.

Carley enjoys playing football, health class, and watching television and movies. His favorite part of high school at Woodbury Central is playing football. He likes playing for the new head coach Kurt Bremer.

His favorite movie is Tag. Carley likes this movie because it is fun and energetic, and he likes because it is a true story. Rick and Morty is Carley's favorite TV show. He likes Rick and Morty because it is full of dark humor and funny remarks.

If Carley is not in front of the TV, he can be found in the weight room. He started lifting his senior year. He kept his eyes on the prize of getting swole. He got himself started on the hobby and has loved it since then. His greatest lifting accomplishment is deadlifting 380 pounds.

Payton P.

Payton Petersen

By Ryan Jaacks and Pyper Gibbs

Payton Petersen is a senior at Woodbury Central High School. She was born March 26, 2001 in Sioux City, Iowa. Petersen’s parents are named Denise and Jason, “Big Pete.”  She also has an older brother named Dawson.

Petersen’s favorite hobby is reading. She also enjoys to doing embroidery and sewing. She has been into sewing since her grandma got her into it in 6th grade. Her favorite memory with sewing was when she won a blue ribbon at the fair for a scarecrow she made. Petersen has two dogs, a yellow lab named Briggs, and a french sheep dog named Henry.

Petersen’s favorite food is pizza because “pizza is like pie but with cheese and meat.” Her favorite class in school is Spanish because “I have had Mrs. Stratton all four years and she has taught me more that has stuck with me than any other teacher.”

Petersen’s favorite movie is Sandlot because “it is just a fun movie about friends having fun and getting into trouble in the summer.” Her favorite tv shows are Parks & Rec because “it is a funny show.” Petersen’s favorite band is Panic! At The Disco. She went to one of their concerts in Omaha, and she was in the first row.

Petersen’s best advice to the underclassmen would be to not stress over the small things. She says that one detention is not going to ruin you. One bad grade will not ruin your entire high school GPA. “Stressing will only make things worse,”she said.

Petersen wants to attend Iowa Western in Council Bluff and study business and possibly vet tech as well. In 10 years, she hopes to have a family and a promising career. Petersen’s most embarrassing moment was when she broke her finger and gave herself a concussion in Choir. She says her most memorable high school moment was

Victoria Bates   

By Louise Ipsen, Alessia Baroni,

Rhuann Bruneau, and Madelynn Paulsen

Victoria Bates, also known as Tori, is currently a Senior at Woodbury Central and will be graduating in May 2019. She was born in Sioux City, IA at Mercy. Bates lives in Moville with her parents and three sisters Trissa, Erika, and Sammy.

“My favorite animals are small puppies because they like to cuddle.” Bates loves puppies, especially her dog, Dexter. Her favorite memory with him is the first time he caught his treats in the air. Besides her dog, she has other hobbies. Her favorite one is making shirts, “ I first became interested when my mom started her business.

Bates loves challenges within the class, this is why her favorite subject is math. She enjoys that class especially because “When I get 100% on tests I get to hang them up.”

Bates describes her most embarrassing moment in high school as the time she wore a pair of tennis shoes to school. She kept tripping on her own feet, so everyone thought she couldn’t walk.

She also describes her most memorable moment as the time she received her lamp of learning letter for her grades.

She is planning to attend WIT Community College for the first two years for her RN and afterwards attend Iowa State for her BSN.

Bates’s advice to her underclassmen is “Use a planner and always try your best in everything because it will pay off.”

Hunter Doucette SI Hunter Doucette Senior Interview

Benton Jackson, Ryan Jaacks, and Morgan Hansen

Hunter Doucette is graduating from Woodbury Central High School in 2019. Doucette was born on April 4, 2001 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the son of Courtney and Jeremy. Doucette has a younger sibling named Xander in the 10th grade.

Doucette’s favorite class is Science Survey. He likes this because “There are almost no notes or tests.” He likes this, because he is able to do hands-on work. In Science Survey, they have built boats, roller coasters, and bridges, which Doucette enjoyed a lot.

Doucette has had a few pets such as: a big chilean rose hair tarantula and a huge scorpion. He currently has a baby columbian red tail boa that has the length of a three and a half feet. He received this three and a half foot long boa as a gift. The snake is his favorite out of the past pets he has had.

When Doucette is not occupied by his snake, he can be found watching television or fishing. His favorite thing to watch on television is Rick and Morty, an animated television series. He also likes watching Rick and Morty because it is what he describes as “zany and spunky”.  He also likes the movie IT which was in theatres last year. Doucette likes the movie IT because it is full of suspense and carries a lot mystery with a good plot behind it all.

Fishing is something that Doucette has enjoyed since he was young. His grandpa was the one who helped him discover fishing. He quickly caught on, and has stuck with it for a while now. His favorite fishing memory from the past is going to Puffer Lake in Beaver, Utah. There, Doucette fished for trout with his family.

In the future, Doucette plans to become an apprentice for heavy machine operating. This will take two to four years. He also plans to do schooling through the construction company, which is free.

Nathan Lister

Senior Interview - Nathan Lister

Campbell Hansen and Lindsie Graff

Nathan Lister is graduating from Woodbury Central High School in 2019.  He was born in 2000 in Seattle, Washington. He has a sister named Hannah, and two brothers named Aaron and Isaac.  Lister is the youngest of his family.

Lister plans to go into the military or take a gap year after high school.  He wants to be a professional musician within the next ten years.

Lister loves music.  Lister said, “I have fun writing it, playing it, listening to it. It really just speaks to me.  It’s my favorite thing ever.” Lister says his mother and his family sparked his love for this hobby. They were the ones that inspired him to play guitar.  His favorite bands are Greta Van Fleet, Rush, Led Zepplin, Blue Oyster Cult, and Wolf Mother. He plays in a band called Quarter Holiday. He plays guitar and sings for the band.

Lister’s favorite movie is Pulp Fiction.  He said, “They have great actors and a great story.”  

His favorite animals are cats, because they have “a lot of personality and are funny.”  His favorite T.V. show is Stranger Things.  His favorite food is Raising Canes’ chicken tenders.

His most memorable moment in high school was singing Heart Shaped Box at a school dance.  Afterwards, everyone sang Bohemian Rhapsody. Lister’s advice for underclassmen is to do what makes you happy and have fun while high school lasts.

senior interview

Peter Mooney: A Modern Marvel

By: Derek Hytrek

Peter Mooney is a senior set to graduate at the conclusion of Woodbury Central’s first semester in December. Mooney is the son of Michael and Angela Mooney and has four siblings: Sarah, Kelsey, Nick, and Catlin.

While Peter does not have any set plans for life after high school, he does know that he wants to do something related to cars. Mooney has experience working with cars. He has worked for J&J Motors on Main Street in Moville for the last three and a half years. Mooney also works with cars in his spare time and says it is his favorite hobby aside from drinking pop.

Mooney’s favorite movie is Happy Gilmore and his favorite show is The Office because of the humor they provide. MGK is his favorite artist because, “he makes good music.” Mooney also enjoys the few cats he has at his home. Mooney also loves eating spaghetti because it “tastes good.”

Mooney’s favorite class he has taken in high school is independent literature this year with Ms. Clayton. He adds that goofing off and having fun in this class was his most pleasant memory in high school. Mooney’s advice to underclassmen navigating high school would be “have fun. It is important to have fun to survive.”

Senior Interview - Wyatt Ashley

By Jayn Haggin

Wyatt Ashley is the son of Rob and Tracy Ashley and has a brother named Blake along with a dog named Louis. Wyatt was born on November 17th, 2000 at St. Lukes in Sioux City, Iowa. His favorite class that he’s taken while at Woodbury Central was Senior shop, because he got to do a lot of fun projects with his friends and one of his favorite memories in that class was making a duck call with Seth Stamm.

Wyatt’s favorite movie is “Hot Rod” because of it’s humor and his favorite TV show is “The Office” because of all the pranks and because he likes the actors. One of Wyatt’s favorite hobbies is cars.  He first became interested in them because of the video games he plays with his friends and enjoys going to the car meets that they set up.

Wyatt’s favorite food is pasta because of how many different kinds there are. His favorite music artist is Machine Gun Kelly. He says because “He conveys a message to try and help the youth going through a hard time.”

One of Wyatt’s most memorable moments from highschool would be the time him and a couple friends went through a big snow pile in their winter vehicles before school started.

His advice to underclassmen would be, “Enjoy it while you can because the end of highschool  comes a lot sooner than you think.” Wyatt plans to graduate at semester this year and become a diesel technician.

2018 exchange student

Karely Leon Lino getting the most of the American experience!

By Sebastian Semmler

Karely Leon Lino is getting into the American high school spirit and is loving every second of it. Karely is an exchange student who is attending Woodbury Central this year. Karely is from Switzerland, and she is Bolivian.


Karely said she wanted to come to America to study. She also wanted to learn a new language. She says it’s very important for her professional future. She also really wanted to do it in her life.

Since Karely was small, she watched American movies that showed the high schools, yellow busses, cheerleading, infamous lockers, football games, and of course, the amazing school spirit. Karely always told her mom that she wanted to live in the U.S.A.

“I wanted to go to a high school, but she always told me ‘Maybe one day’ and its always been a dream that I’ve had,” Karely said.

Karely thinks living in America is very different from living in her home country, Switzerland. She says that in Switzerland she has a daily routine but not in America. Karely adds that people are more fun to be around in America rather than Switzerland.

Karely’s favorite part so far was her birthday. She said that her host family made it really fun for her. Her host family went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse, and Karely said she really enjoyed it.

“It was hard at the beginning because it was my first birthday away from my mom but it turned out just fine,” Karely said.

Karely has experienced no culture shock since visiting America and feels very comfortable being here.

Karely enjoys volleyball practices, history class, and football games! She also loves to go camping because she has never gone camping before and really enjoys it.

Some of Karely’s hobbies are playing soccer, buying shoes and makeup, dancing, and singing.

Karely says traveling and experiencing other cultures is important in her family because “it’s the only way to know more about other cultures and therefore to have incredible memories.”

Lino would like to thank her mom who offered her the opportunity to have this experience. She would also like to thank her host family because they are just amazing.

Alessia Baroni

Foreign Exchange Student - Alessia Baroni

By Derek Hytrek

Garrett Arment

Woodbury-Central will welcome six foreign exchange students from various countries for the 2018-2019 school year. One of these students is Alessia Baroni, coming all the way from Venice, Italy which is home to Piazza San Marco and Doge’s Palace.

Alessia wanted to study abroad because of her interest in travel and wanted to experience a new culture.

“My parents helped me with this choice and I talked with students who had done it before, I was really interested in what they told me,” says Baroni.

She believes it is important to travel because it opens her mind and doesn’t live her entire life in her little world. “For me it’s very important to try new things that help you to grow up.”

So far Alessia has enjoyed her experience in America. Her favorite part has been the school experience, although she has noticed many differences. “The relationship between students and teachers is totally different than in Italy” says Baroni. Her favorite part so far about being in America, “the school, because I believe that the students here have more opportunities to have fun and enjoy the high school experience such as going to sports games, homecoming, and school pictures.”

Some of the hobbies that Baroni enjoys doing outside of school is “I always do artistic gymnastic, that is my favorite sport. I like hanging out with my friends, dancing and watching T.V. series. I love also spending time with my family camping.”

“For the moment I’m very happy to stay here and I’m proud of myself to have chosen to live out this opportunity,” Alessia says. “I really hope to improve my english and grow up.”

2018 exchange student


Foreign Exchange Student story - Kim
By Wyatt Ashley, Jadyn Haggin, Sebastian Semmler
Manapat “Kim” Inthasi, is a foreign exchange student from Thailand. She is currently studying
abroad at Woodbury Central High School, 8,518 miles away from home. She is one of the six
foreign exchange students that are currently studying at Woodbury Central.
Inthasi says she came to America to enhance her English skills. When Inthasi was young, she
read a cartoon book about America and that is why she decided to come to the United States.
She says, “I like the environment, the technology, and the high quality of life.”
Inthasi says living in America has been different than living in Thailand. She says she has lost
some privacy compared to being at home where her parents gave her more freedom. Since
moving here she has tried to speak a lot in English since she does not really use it in Thailand.
When asked what her favorite part about living in the United States is, she says her favorite part
is the American food. American food should be enough reason to travel here from Thailand. She
says she loves to eat food and loves to try new things.
One difference since moving here for Inthasi is that Americans do not always take off their shoes
when they come into their home. In America it is not uncommon for people to take their shoes
off before entering their homes, some just choose not to do so. Another difference is that
Americans usually do not use an iron on our clothes, they typically tend to just take them out of
the dryer and wear them.
When asked about her hobbies, Kim says “I don’t really have any hobbies because I am a person
who becomes bored easily. I like to listen to music while playing on my phone and eating
delicious food.”



Hunter Doucette SI