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2015-2016 Basketball Schedule

11/14/2015 LB Jamboree Lawton V G 6:00
11/24/2015 SC East Jamboree SC East V B 6:00
12/3/2015 Lemars Home JVR B/JV G 6:15/7:30
12/4/2015 River Valley Correctionville JV/V G/B 4:00/5:00/6:00/7:30
12/5/2015 MVAO/RdgV/LB Home JVR B 9:00
12/7/2015 Ponca Home JVR B/JV G 4:00/5:00
12/7/2015 Siouxland Christian Home V G/B 6:00/7:30
12/8/2015 Lawton Bronson Home JV/V G/B 4:00/5:00/6:00/7:30
12/11/2015 Westwood Home JV/V G/B 4:00/5:00/6:00/7:30
12/12/2015 Newell Tourney Newell JV B 9:00
12/12/2015 Alta Aurelia Home V G/B 6:00/7:30
12/15/2015 MVAO Mapleton JV/V G/B 4:30/6:00
12/17/2015 West Sioux West Sioux JV G/ V G/B 4:30/6:00/7:30
 12/22/2015 Spirit Lake Home JV/V B 6:00/7:30
1/2/2016 Lawton Bronson Lawton JVR/JV/V B/G 2/3:30/5/6/7:30
1/4/2016 SB-L SB-L JVB/V G/B 4:00/5:45/7:30
1/5/2016 Storm Lake St Mary's Home JVRB/ V G/B 4:30/6:00/7:30
1/7/2016 CNOS Classic V G 2:00
1/8/2016 CNOS Classic V B 2:00
1/9/2016 Lawton Bronson Lawton JV G 10:00
1/12/2016 OABCIG Ida Grove JV/V G/B 4/5/6/7:30
1/15/2016 Kingsley Pierson Home JV/V G/B 4/5/6/7:30
1/16/2016 Lawton Bronson Lawton JV B 8:00
1/16/2016 SC East SC East JV/V G 5:45/7:30
1/18/2016 LeMars Gehlen LeMars Gehlen JVR B/ V G/B 4:30/6:00/7:30
1/19/2016 West Monona Home JV/V G/B 4/5/6/7:30
1/21/2016 SB-L SB-L JV G/JVR B 6:00/7:15
1/22/2016 Ridge View Schaller JV/V G/B 4/5/6/7:30
1/23/2016 RdgV/WW/MVAO Home JV B 9:00
 1/26/16  Hinton Home JV G/B 6/7:30
1/28/2016 WVC Tourney(RiV) Home JV/V G 6/7:30
1/29/2016 WVC Tourney (SCC) Home JV/V B 6/7:30
2/1/2016 WVC Tourney (KP) Kingsley JV/V G 6/7:30
2/2/2016 WVC Tourney (RiView) Holstein JV/V B 6/7:30
2/4/2016 WVC Tourney (MVAO) Holstein V G 6:00
2/5/2016 WVC Tourney (WW) Sloan V B 7:30
2/8/2016 SC West SC West JV G/B 6:00/7:00
2/9/2016 SC West Home V G/B 6:00/7:30
2/13/2016 Regionals (Hinton) Home V G 7:00
2/16/2016 Regionals (West Lyon) Inwood V G 7:00
2/18/2016 Districts (MMC) Paullina V B 6:30

Girls’ basketball advanced story

By Faith Schlotman

            Woodbury Central’s basketball season is right around the corner. Girls basketball coach Matt Jenness is excited for this season to start. “This is a great group of girls, and I am excited to watch them grow as the year goes on,” he says. “We are going to have a lot of fun and a lot of success.” At the beginning of every season, basketball girls want to win Conference, the conference tournament, and the District. “If we don’t start our season with high goals, then why are we playing?” asks Coach Jenness.

            To get where they want to be, basketball girls play extremely hard every day. This season “we play a tough schedule,” Coach Jenness continues, “that will help us get better and be prepared to win Conference and District.”

            After each game, the girls’ basketball teams look to improve for the next one. “We do this by owning our mistakes and learning from them and, of course, to work our tails off,” Coach Jenness says with a smile.  According to Coach, this year's seniors are “a great group” who “have had a ton of success.”

Coach is very enthusiastic about the seniors. “I expect them to be great leaders, and show the younger players what it means to be a part of the WC girls’ basketball.”

            Coach Jenness expects all the players “to work hard and get better every day, so we are playing our best basketball when it matters in late January and February. I also expect them to be great teammates and have a lot of fun.”