Girls Basketball
2014-2015 Basketball Schedule

Date  Opponent Girls/Boys Place Time W/L 
11/15/2014 LB Jamboree V G Lawton 6:30  
12/1/2014 Spirit Lake G/B Spirit Lake 6:15/8:15  L
12/2/2014 OABCIG G/B Ida Grove 6:00/8:00 W
12/5/2014 Kingsley Pierson  G/B Home 6:00/8:00  L
12/6/2014 Hinton G/B Hinton 6:00/8:00 L

Lawton Bronson G/B Lawton 6:00/8:00 L
12/12/2014 Ridge View G/B Holstein 6:00/8:00 W
12/13/2014 Alta-Aurelia G/B Alta 6:00/8:00  W
12/16/2014 MV-AO G/B Home 6:00/8:00  L
12/18/2014 West Sioux G/B Home 6:00/8:00  L
12/19/2014 West Monona G/B Onawa 6:00/8:00
 1/3/2015  Lawton Bronson  G/B  Home 6:00/8:00 
1/9/2015 Westwood G/B Home 6:00/8:00  W

1/12/2015 Clay Central Everly G/B CCE 6:00/8:00 W
1/13/2015 River Valley  G/B Home  6:00/8:00 W
1/16/2015 Siouxland Christian G/B SCC 6:00/8:00  W
1/17/2015   SBL  G/B  Home 6:00/8:00   L
1/19/2015  LeMars Gehlen G/B Home 6:00/8:00 
 1/23/2015 Crofton, NE G/B Home  6:00/8:00
1/30/2015 WVC Tourney V Girls  TBA 6:00/8:00 
 2/3/2015 WVC Tourney V Girls TBA  6:00/8:00
 2/6/2015 WVC Tourney  V Girls   TBA 6:00/8:00   
 2/17/2015  V GB Regionals  V Girls  Moville  7:00  

Halle ball WC Girl’s Basketball Pre-season

By Jameson Mandl

After making it to Iowa Girls State Basketball Tournament last season for the first time in school history, the Woodbury Central girls hope to do it for the second time this year. The seniors, Halle Still and Kristin Hubert, lead the other 12 girls on the team along with head coach Matt Jenness and assistant coach Brittany Alfredson. The players’ expectations for this season are “to win conference, work hard, and to play as a team,” agree juniors Bailey Even and Keely Steffen. “We are all learning new positions and how to play with each other,” adds Even. “We need to have confidence and have fun.”