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Tabs off for a great cause

By Sebastian Semmler

You drink pop all the time, so why not help those in need while doing so? Pop tabs are very easy to collect and are on all cans of soda that you drink.

The Ronald McDonald House in Sioux City greatly benefits from these recycled tabs. The money raised from the tabs helps families who need some assistance during their stay at a hospital.

Kelly McElrath is a science

teacher at Woodbury Central and is organizing the pop tab pick up, McElrath says “I definitely think it’s important. The families that stay at the Ronald Mcdonald house have a lot to deal with at some times and giving them a place to rest for a couple of hours eliviates that stress for the time being.”

The drop-off site is at the end of the hallway by the middle school gym or in Mrs. McElrath’s room.

Woodbury Central has been doing this event off and on for the awhile now, but are doing it more frequently now. Last year, Woodbury Central donated 242 pounds of tabs! This year, Woodbury Central is hoping to collect a total of 250 pounds of tabs!

Any local businesses that would like to help participate in this event, just contact Mrs. McElrath.

Homecoming Royalty 2019

Garret Arment and Sally Gallagher getting crowned Homecoming king and queen by Woodbury-Central's Homecoming king and queen of 2018 Kurt Countryman and Brooke Bauer

Garret Arment and Paytin Stover wave to the crowd as Garret finishes his cheer

The Senior's parents preform their skit with excitement and comedy

Tim Gallagher sings with his heart to the senior football players

Seniors working on their hallway

Juniors work on their hallway

The Triathlon

By Wyatt Ashley and Garrett Arment

Last year, the staff of Woodbury Central has taken it upon themselves to have a triathlon during homecoming. This will be the second year of the Woodbury Central High School homecoming triathlon.

The triathlon director is Erin Reinders. Reinders teaches social problems, geography, government, and economics. When asked about the triathlon, Reinders said, “Even though it does require a lot of work and at some points was very chaotic I had lots of fun and thought it went well.”

When reflecting on last year’s triathlon, Reinders said, “Definitely has some things to iron out,’’ along with this statement she said that her, the staff, and the student council need to come up with more rules for the games such as volleyball and dodgeball to make the them run more smoothly.

Also, they need to make the rules more understandable so that way the students can easily comprehend them. A big area Reinders said they need to work on would be time management and making sure they don’t spend too much time on the events.

Reinders thought last year was a great turnout with at least half of the students participating in each class as she stated, “I was really happy with the participation level.” When asked if this new tradition will stick for more years to come Reinders answered, “Yes, once a foundation is set and once more rules are established and everything is set it will last a long time.”

She expects things to go a lot better this year and thinks even more students will come out to take part in the triathlon. She encourages, “More students should come to the triathlon and get involved because once they start playing they will realize how much fun it is.”

Homecoming Festivities

By Woodbury Central Publications class

This past Sunday, the students of Woodbury Central High School spent a couple hours decorating their assigned hallways. All of the hallways were board game themed.

Seniors decorated their hallways based on Candyland. Juniors picked Battleship, and Sophomores picked Mouse Trap. The freshmen class picked The Game of Life.

Following hall decorating, the two students that won royalty were Garrett Arment as king and Sally Gallagher as queen.

The seniors won this year with their candyland-themed hallway. They created a colorful trail that went around the hallway along with balloon archways. They created characters that went along with the board game and many types of candy. It was colorful and fun.

The Juniors got second place with their battleship themed hallway, they constructed boats and had a nice big painting with everyone in their grades names on it.

Third place was given to Sophomores with their Mouse Trap theme, they hung baskets from the ceiling to replicate mouse traps which caught a lot of people's eyes.

Last place was given to Freshman with their Game of Life themed hallway. They had past and future pictures of students who attended Woodbury Central High School which everyone thought was neat.  

The community got to pick the winning hallway. As they entered the school they were each given a poker chip, then they got to walk the halls to look at all of them. After looking at all of the hallways they put the poker chip in the bucket of their favorite one.