Spring Sports

Ryan Jaacks

Spring sports are right around the corner for the Woodbury Central students. The weather is getting better so they are able to put some work in outside. These kids are getting eager to get outside and start practicing for their sport.

Track has already got a running start ahead of all the other spring sports. One of the runners on the team, Ethan Copeland, thinks they have a pretty good start on the season so far. Copeland  says, “We’ve got quite a few kids out and some of the young guys are stepping up, the coaches are really pushing us hard and we are doing all the little things right.”

Kalyn Cameron, a member of the girls track team says she’s looking forward to to this season because she loves being a part of the team, and is looking forward to accomplishing her goals. She says, “This year is going to be tough because we lost a lot of great seniors but if we work hard we should do well.”

Golf is another sport students at Woodbury Central enjoy. “We only have two people returning from last year, so hopefully our younger squad can pull through,” Caleb Lubbers says. “Our goal for the 2019 golf season is to win conference after being runner up last year.”

The baseball players have a big season ahead of them. Their first game is at the end of may and they have about 30 games this year. Jase Manker who is a pitcher for the Wildcats says “I really like baseball because I have a great team with a great staff that has the ability to accomplish great things.” He also says “We fell short of state last year but plan to up our game this year.”

Sydney Fickbohm, a pitcher for the Woodbury Central softball team, enjoys the ability to learn as a team and she thinks it really fun. Pitchers and catchers started in February and their first game is May 20th. Last year the softball team almost went to state and she said she was very proud of her team.

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