By Amos Brosamle

            As of Feb 3, the Woodbury Central's varsity girl's basketball team is 13-3, and the boy's team is 6-10. The girl's team sits second in the Conference, right behind MVAO, and the boy's team sits eighth.

According Coach Jenness, “the great thing about this [girl's] team is that they aren’t ever satisfied, and they work hard. We have made huge strides defensively and continue to get better in transition." Coach adds that the team is "looking forward to the Conference tourney, and Districts, to continue to show that improvement and to continue to win games.”

The boys haven’t exactly had the season they’ve wanted in terms of winning; its Conference schedule this year is pretty stacked with great teams, but WC is prepared to make a run for a high rank in the Conference. With 10 of 16 upperclassmen playing varsity, the junior varsity is populated with underclassmen just waiting for a chance at the varsity boards.

"Inexperience" plays a large part in this year's competitions, and it's all a learning process, notes Coach Alfredson. “The combined record of our opponents the first half of the year was 40-10."

"We learned a lot about ourselves in those games," Coach says. "We were competitive in every game we played and lost some games on inexperience." During the second half of the season, "WC played 4-2, and [defeated] good teams like Lawton-Bronson, and Siouxland Community Christian," Coach adds.