Jazz Band

The Woodbury Central Jazz Band recently had a Jazz Fest competition hosted at WIT. The band got third out of three bands. They performed three songs at the competition.

Jazz Fest was the band’s final competition of the season. WC Jazz attended two jazz competitions. There would have been three but snow caused one to be canceled. The band was proud of their work at the competition. One of the students played a new instrument. This was Campbell Hansen’s first year on drums. “Personally, as a first-time drummer, I improved along with the rest of the band.” Hansen said. She thinks that the band sounds much better than they did at the beginning of the season. Karsen Gray, a junior, said that he will definitely be in jazz next year. “Jazz band is my favorite type of band. We made it to state last year. That was good and fresh and simultaneously fun.”

Mr. Hickman said “So far the jazz season has been fairly successful. We’re doing okay.” He believes they are doing fine for the experience they have. Hickman does think there could be some improvements. “Well, we need to work on our togetherness. Having a couple first year players in our rhythm section has held us back. We’re a fairly inexperienced band in some spots which is easily visible.”

The band and Hickman hope to improve their performances next year. Their hard work paid off with a trophy for their last performance. Just another to add to the band’s collection!


Band guy

New WC band teacher marching towards a good


Written by Sebastian Semmler and Matthew Nissen

Noah Hickman will be directing students toward a great year.
Hickman is the new band teacher at Woodbury Central. It is his first year teaching, and he says
that he is very excited to get started.
Hickman says he loves marching band and jazz band, but isn’t a big fan of early morning
practices. He says it’s all worth it in the end when the band makes beautiful music in the
Hickman says one word to describe his teaching style would be passionate because music is
something that he has enjoyed for as long as he can remember. He says it is very exciting for
him to get a chance to make music with others and making my students better people.’
Hickman says one word that describes him best would be energetic. He says when he puts his
mind to something he usually can’t rest until the job is done and done well.
Outside of school, Hickman says he enjoys listening to music and being part of theater
productions. He also likes spending time with friends and family.
Hickman’s advice for students, teachers, and WC employees to have a great year is that “if you
feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks in front of you, complete some smaller ones first, then
tackle a big task. You will feel like you accomplished more and have a better attitude when
doing the other tasks.”
“I love meeting and talking to people,” Hickman said. “Go ahead and introduce yourself to me!”-