Talented and Gifted Program

Mrs. Lilly

Woodbury-Central Talented and Gifted Program

The Woodbury-Central  Talented and Gifted Program provides students opportunities and experiences to learn new things and strengthen their individual potential through a variety of enrichment activities and hands-on projects.  

The identification process is a gathering of data collected:

  • Cognitive Ability Tests (CogAT) taken at end of 3rd Grade (110+)
  • Iowa Assessments (80 percentile and above)
  • Torrance Test (Given in 2nd Grade)
  • MAP Test (Gifted range)
  • Teacher Recommendation

Data is placed on a percentage scale and those scoring 50% or above are invited to participate in the Talented and Gifted Program.

Woodbury Central School District believes that each student deserves an education specifically suited for that child.  The goal of a good education is the recognition and acceptance of individual differences. It is with this philosophy in mind that the TAG program is offered. The TAG Program is not a reward for good work but the proper education for the identified students.