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Woodbury Central Student of the Week

By Matthew Best

This week from Woodbury Central's middle school, Mrs. Frafjord has nominated Owen Hubert. Owen, who is in the eighth grade, was chosen because "he is funny;" Owen, she says, completes his work while being very social. “Owen always wants to be the clown,” states Mrs. Frafjord. “He may like to joke around and be social but he always manages to get his work completed." 


Logan Hammond Has Great Success in US History

By Halle Still

Logan Hammond, an eighth grader at Woodbury Central, goes above and beyond in U.S History. The class covers the nation’s development from its early exploration through modern times.

Because students were not there to experience the past, several might struggle with comprehending and remembering information. On the other hand, some students excel and U.S. History teacher Mr. Galloway has selected one student who sticks out among others.

            Mr. Galloway proudly nominates Logan Hammond as an outstanding history student. “Logan has the highest third quarter average,” Mr. Galloway comments. “He got 100% on all three tests and because he got so many bonus questions on his quizzes, his quiz average was 102%.”

            Mr. Galloway adds, “Besides being a great U.S. History student, Logan is always polite and respectful. I really enjoy having him in my class.”



Middle School Student of the Week             
 Picture of Ashley Martin
By Drew Widman

            Ashley Martin was chosen a Student of the Week by Mrs. Hubert, Woodbury Central's middle school English teacher because she has such a positive attitude and works hard.

            Mrs. Hubert stated that “Ashley received a 100% on her last vocabulary test”

and then added, “Ashley does well in language and prepares wisely for test.”

            Ashley is the daughter of Irv and Kelly Martin.