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Why walk or bike to school?

Evidence indicates physical activity helps maximize academic performance

There is growing evidence indicating that physical activity and fitness can benefit both health and academic performance and brain function like attention and memory allowing students to stay focused and remain on task in the classroom.  

A research brief published in January 2015 by the Active Living Research reviews published scientific articles that examine this connection and provides reasons for it. Here is a summary of the main points:

  • Regular participation in physical activity has academic performance benefits.

  • Single sessions of physical activity have been linked to better test scores, improved concentration, and better transfer of information from short to long-term memory.

  • The effects of physical activity on brain health may explain improvements in academic performance. In fact, after 20 minutes of walking on a treadmill, children responded to test questions with greater accuracy, and had a more intense response within the brain compared to children who had been sitting.

For more information read the full article at: http://activelivingresearch.org/sites/default/files/ALR_Brief_ActiveEducation_Jan2015.pdf. Volleyball

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