| Middle School |

Student Teacher Jennifer Gross

By Tony Glackin

            A new face supplements those familiar ones in the upper level of Woodbury Central's middle school: student teacher Jennifer Gross, a native of Marcus and graduate of Morningside College, is an American and World History teacher studying under Mrs. Dandurand.

            Miss Gross loves teaching the upper middle school classes because “I see them grow and develop into themselves.” She adds that, “they normally have funny personalities and keep my day interesting.” One thing that helps her teach well is her eagerness to see children learn. “It satisfies me to watch them understand what I am teaching and have that 'light-bulb moment.'" A "plan-ahead" teacher who likes to stay organized, as evidenced by her color coordination of binders, folders, and planners, Miss Gross’s favorite way to teach is by “finding activities and group projects to keep the kids engaged.”

            One part of Miss Gross’s life that is very important to her is “my family, as well as my friends.” She also likes to listen to music because it helps her relax and stay laid back. “One of my goals in life is to find a job to enjoy, and I will continue to work hard and learn from my experiences to achieve that goal,” she concludes with a smile.