High School

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If you could be any animal what you be and why?

By Halle Still

            Freshman - Colt Peterson

Q. If you could be any animal what you be and why?

            A. “A bull, so I can run over people”


            Sophomore - Ben Burbach

Q. If you could be any animal what you be and why?

            A. “A sloth, because they sleep a lot and they just chill in the trees.”


            Junior- Nina Zunker

            Q. If you could be any animal what you be and why?

            A. “A monkey, because I love to climb.”


            Senior- Drew Petersen

            Q. If you could be any animal what you be and why?

            A. “A penguin, because even though I have so many opportunities, sometimes I feel I am trapped and not able to fly.” 

news WC News Spotlight


By Dawson Petersen

Photo 1 L-R: Dawson Petersen, Jameson Mandl, Lyndzy Flewelling, Becca Gebel

Photo 2 L-R: Keaton Morgan, Halle Still, Charles Rhue, Alexa Sanford

Photo 3: top – Drew Widman, lower: Matt Best

Not many people at Woodbury Central know about the class called Publications, taught by thee Ms. Logan.

Students in the Publications class write news stories for the Moville Record about the school to keep the community informed. The first semester of the class, Publications I, is for the students who begin the class at the start of the second semester. This class cuts out articles and learns the basics of writing news stories. Soon they will write stories. These students include junior Charles Rhue and seniors Keaton Morgan, Drew Widman, Halle Still, Lexa Sanford and Matt Best. Publications II is for the students who have been in the class throughout the school year. This class includes sophomores Dawson Petersen and Lyndzy Flewelling, and seniors Jameson Mandl and Becca Gebel. This class writes news stories and peer edits them. As students create stories, they improve their skills in writing and time management as they meet weekly deadlines. “I have learned to take information that someone has written down and rewrite it in the appropriate spot in the story using the correct punctuation,” said Jameson.

The Publications class counts as one English credit per semester. According to Ms. Logan, before writing for The Record, “students spend time selecting, organizing and analyzing the relevancy of the story, and identifying their concepts.” The class fits into WC’s curriculum because students pre-write interview questions, and then ask the questions of the people involved in the story, they fix their articles by adding descriptive words, direct quotes and addressing what is most significant to the article. “At first it took a couple days to write a story but now it comes to me more readily and it only takes approximately 15 minutes,” adds Jameson.
Question of the Week

By Dawson Petersen

Woodbury Central student this week answer the question, “Who is your favorite person in your life? Why?”

Freshman Nick Phelps replies, “My grandpa because he is a wise person.”

Sophomore Daulton Christiansen states, “My mom, because she inspires me and gets me to work harder at things.”

Junior Faith Schlotman says, “My mom, because she cooks for me.”

Senior Erika Bates announces, “My mom, because she is always supportive of everything I do.”







Kyler Christiansen


As weekly questions are asked at school, these four Woodbury Central students come forward to answer.

The question this week is, “What is your most prized possession?” Senior Keaton Morgan answers, "My family and friends because they will always be there for me, no matter what."

When junior Marshall Bower is asked the same question, he answers, “My phone because it allows me to talk to people when I can't be with them."

Sophomore Jordan Archer says, "My dog Rufus because a very special person in my life gave him to me and I wouldn’t know what to do without Rufus.”

 Freshman Jakob Brosamle says, “My reading comprehension skills because they help me with remembering things and getting good grades.” 


Shawn Enstrom High School Student of the Week

By Becca Gebel

            Mrs. Walker, the high school guidance counselor at Woodbury Central, has chosen Shawn Enstrom, a sophomore, for Student of the Week.

            “Shawn is always respectful and displays very good manners,” says Mrs. Walker. Mrs. Walker then adds that Shawn says “thank you for the simplest tasks that I do for him.” Then Mrs. Walker explains, “Shawn is just starting his first WIT online class which shows A LOT of enthusiasm and a positive outlook on learning.”  

Shawn says, “Positive manners help the way people see you, first impressions are everything, so starting that habit will help you later on.”

Mrs. Walker adds, “Every single time I have had a conversation with Shawn, I am so impressed with his positive outlook and his good manners.” 




Q and A: New Years Resolution

By Dawson Petersen


 “What resolution did you make last New Year and did you fulfill it?” was the question students answered this week.

Freshman Sean Parks said, “My resolution was to eat more bacon than last year and I have fulfilled it by eating more bacon.”

Sophomore Shawn Enstrom answered, “My resolution was to raise enough money to send my little brother to the Boy Scout Jamboree and I did not fulfill it.”

Junior Alyssa Gotto stated, “My New Year’s resolution was to get better grades and I did that.”

Senior Jade Petersen responded, “My resolution was to get a scholarship for softball and I achieved it.”