High School

Question of the Week

By Dawson Petersen

Woodbury Central student this week answer the question, “Who is your favorite person in your life? Why?”

Freshman Nick Phelps replies, “My grandpa because he is a wise person.”

Sophomore Daulton Christiansen states, “My mom, because she inspires me and gets me to work harder at things.”

Junior Faith Schlotman says, “My mom, because she cooks for me.”

Senior Erika Bates announces, “My mom, because she is always supportive of everything I do.”







Kyler Christiansen


As weekly questions are asked at school, these four Woodbury Central students come forward to answer.

The question this week is, “What is your most prized possession?” Senior Keaton Morgan answers, "My family and friends because they will always be there for me, no matter what."

When junior Marshall Bower is asked the same question, he answers, “My phone because it allows me to talk to people when I can't be with them."

Sophomore Jordan Archer says, "My dog Rufus because a very special person in my life gave him to me and I wouldn’t know what to do without Rufus.”

 Freshman Jakob Brosamle says, “My reading comprehension skills because they help me with remembering things and getting good grades.”