High School

High School QA

By Amos Brosamle

What is the most important lesson you have learned during high school from your family and friends?

Freshmen Ben Burbach said the most important lesson he’s learned ‘’is to keep your grades up, try your best and work hard.’’

Sophomore Abraham Ruhrer said he’s been encouraged to "do your homework on time, and do it well.’’

Junior Josie Scheer has learned to ‘’enjoy all of the little things because high school goes by so fast.’’

            Senior Cara Shanks said it's important to her ‘’not to sweat the small stuff. If you just let the little things go, you will enjoy yourself much more.’’

Stock Market Game


Feature Story- Economics

By Tyler Kelsheimer

Have you ever wanted a free $100,000 to invest in the stock market? Mr. Bahrke’s Economics class has that chance as students take the opportunity to compete in the stock market game.

The stock market game is when teams of three students invest their “money” into the stock market and try to make a profit. Students benefit from the game because, according to Mr. Bahrke, “They learn teamwork skills and how the stock market works and learn to make adjustments on what they buy and sell." He explains that the game is designed to simulate what the stock market is really like. Senior Tyler Perez adds, “It’s fun and a good way to learn.”

            The students involved are seniors Jordell Barto, Amos Brosamle, JD Coons, Kaleb Custer, Ben Erdmann, Jacy Grell, Tanner Herbold, Zach Malin, Perez, Heaven Preul, Jaycob Smith, Tony Sparr, Drayton Stapp, Jeff Walker, Darrien Wipf, and junior Rachel Lapaglia.

            This project coincides with the textbook's savings and investing sections. It is a good example of the risks and payoffs in the stock market. The project lasts 10 weeks and involves competitions among area schools. 


(Pictured left to right) sophomore Elizabeth Eyer and junior Josie Scheer

Woodbury Central High School Spotlight

By Molly Grell


Mrs. Sailer’s Certified Nursing Assistant class recently built Spring Baskets for Hospice patients in Woodbury County. “Making the baskets was fun and it made me feel really good about myself,” states junior Audrey Crichton.

Moville resident Dawn Bain helped the Woodbury Central students with the project which included candy, bubbles, pens and Chapstick. This works into the curriculum because students learn about home health.

“It is neat how something so simple, such as making baskets, can brighten someone’s day,” adds sophomore Jacey Stratton.

Involved in this project are CNA students from Mrs. Sailer's first and second semesters. Students will deliver the baskets within the next week.

kelsey smith

Kelsey Smith High School Student of the Week

By Amos Brosamle


Mrs. Clark chose Kelsey Smith as High School Student of the Week. Kelsey, a freshman, is in Mrs. Clark’s geometry class.

Because Kelsey was involved in extra practices for choir and basketball, she missed a few geometry classes. Even so, Kelsey stopped in every day to ask questions and make sure she didn’t fall behind in her work. She even improved her grade during this time, explains Mrs. Clark.

 “Kelsey consistently asks questions and works as hard as she can to learn the concepts," Mrs. Clark said. Then she added, “Keep up the hard work, Kelsey.”

                                           Nichole H.

High school student of the week Nikoel Hytrek

By Easton Petersen

            Woodbury Central junior Nikoel Hytrek was chosen to be the High School Student of the Week by her Spanish 3 teacher Mrs. Stratton. Mrs. Stratton chose Nikoel because of her motivation to learn and her great work ethic in the classroom.

            Mrs. Stratton said, “Nikoel is a pleasure to have in my Spanish class. She always comes to class ready to learn. Her work ethic is outstanding and her grade reflects that!”