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Bonnie Clark, a new cook hired at Woodbury Central Community Schools, was raised on a farm west of Climbing Hill. Growing up on the farm and a graduate of WC, Ms. Clark says she “was always busy working and had to do a lot of chores; unfortunately, there was not much time for playing.” Currently widowed with two daughters and two grandsons, Mrs. Clark worked for an eyeglass company before working in W.C’s school kitchen. The job responsibilities there are much the same as working here at WC, says Ms. Clark, “I always make sure the product goes out the door, my communication is efficient, and my work is done on time.”  

An employee who likes “to help out when and wherever I can and make good suggestions,” Ms. Clark describes her work style as “kinda OCD. I like to find shortcuts with a job, and stay busy.”

When a student gives Ms. Clark a compliment is when she feels most satisfied with her job. “The toughest part of my job,” states Ms. Clark is to “make sure to give it my all and best every day.” She motivates others by “never putting my coworkers down, always giving them encouraging words, and helping them.”  

Ms. Clark appreciates her “free life of coming and going, friends and family, and her daughters and two grandsons.” Her favorite thing about teaching her grandchildren is “when my grandsons don’t know what a word means, they always ask questions and I explain it to them.” The techniques and tools Ms. Clark uses to keep herself organized include making notes, cleaning her house top to bottom, and downsizing a lot of items in her house.