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Middle school "Students of the Week" By Brandon Stender Carson Edwards and Blase Sanford of Mrs. Gallagher’s Woodbury Central grade 6 science class were asked to design and create volcanoes of materials from home. Mrs. Gallagher ,a long-time middle school science teacher, chose the two boys to be middle school “Students of the Week” because “they were partners on the project, had their materials ready, and worked hard at constructing the volcano.”

Even though Carson missed some days due to illness, Blase worked hard on his own and finished the volcano on time. When asked about how the project went overall, she explained, “Carson and Blase ended up with a very realistic-looking volcano. "

The volcanoes erupted with the combination of baking soda and vinegar. Some groups used pop and mentos for explosions," and the entire sixth grade had fun with some hands on learning,” Mrs. Gallagher said.


Coach Reinders going through the plays with Addi McElrath

At Woodbury Central, Coach Reinders coaches basketball to the seventh and eighth grade girls. “The girls played pretty well all season,” Coach says. By the end of the season, the seventh grade girls’ record was 7-3, and the eighth grade girls’ record was 8-2.

Coach Reinders has coached middle school basketball for two years. “I am looking forward to see the current eighth graders move into their JV or Varsity roles next year,” she says.

Coach Reinders recently selected the season’s best players; they include seventh graders: Lynsey Countryman, Camrin Baird and Lillian Ofert, and eighth graders: Lyndsie Graff, Emma DeStigter, Mckenna Herbold and Addi McElrath. “Great group of girls, very coachable, and are always learning from Coach Blake Stubbs,” she adds.

Coach is excited to meet next year’s group of seventh graders. She is also excited to coach the seventh graders again as eighth graders because “they will be older and stronger.” She plans for a really good season for them.

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