WC Middle School


 WC 8th grade Logan Hammond, Jacob Wohlert, Emma Persons, Reagan Petersen, Sally Gallagher, Katlyn Champion(tall), Tori Bates

8th Grade Earth Science

By Nic Scheelhaase

            Recently at Woodbury Central, Mrs. Gallagher’s eighth grade Earth Science students became Middle School Students of the Week for creating topography maps of land area using cardboard. When asked how the students benefitted from this project, Mrs. Gallagher answered, this project helps the “students realize that in every area on earth, elevation is constantly changing.” Sally Gallagher’s favorite part of the project was “painting the topography maps.”      

            The students spent almost two weeks working on these projects in groups of four. When Mrs. Gallagher was asked how this project became part of the curriculum she answered, “Part of the curriculum for earth science is the constructive and destructive forces that are constantly at work on earth’s surface, but are driven by the convection currents within earth creating different topographies.”