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Cutline Alley Self

Middle School Artist of the Week


By Daylon Stapp

            Woodbury Central’s Middle School Artist of the Week Alley Self is chosen by Ms. Rollison for her “dedication and hard work” in choir class. “She is a leader in choir and always sets a good example to her fellow classmates,” comments Ms. Rollison. “Alley always tries her hardest at everything she does and has an amazing talent that we are excited to have in high school choir next year.” Alley, an eighth grader, is in both band and choir.


Middle School Artist of the Week

By Daylon Stapp

            The Woodbury Central Middle School Artist of the Week this week is seventh grader, Louisa Fickbohm. Mr. Buckley chose Louisa because of her dedicated approach to her work. “Louisa has always been a hard working student, and this year her artwork has reached a new level of success,” commented Mr. Buckley, the school's art teacher,



Susanne Putze and Jordan Martin talk with the speaker, Jenna Albrecht after her presentation.

By Daylon Stapp

Woodbury Central’s eighth graders in Mrs. Hubert’s English class have completed a project­ about written and oral communication in their everyday lives.

This Authentic Intellectual Project-Based Learning Lesson, which is two weeks in duration, began with three professional speakers, Jenna Albrecht, Gwyn Schramm and Tim Gallagher. The speakers talked to the students.

Next, the students picked which project they wanted to do: research a current event and write a newspaper article about their findings; e-mail a speaker and create a piece of work the presenter might apply to his job; research a job on the internet and create a presentation that demonstrations a requirement of the job chosen; create a cover letter and resume for a potential job opportunity; or contact a college student and complete a paper or presentation according to college standards.­­­­­­­­

“Our current professional development focus is on Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW). The speakers … did an excellent job of presenting relevant information on the importance of communication skills in the work place,” said Mrs. Hubert, middle school English teacher. “I am hopeful students gained a new perspective on the value of good written and oral communication skills in the real world and connect the shared information from our visiting professionals to their everyday lives.”

The students learned oral and written communication skills that they will need in their futures. The speaker “helped us show how important it is for our future,” agreed students Susanne Putze and Josie Buckholtz.



Middle School Athlete of the Week

By Daylon Stapp

            The Woodbury Central Middle School Athlete of the Week is eighth grader Nick Phelps. Mr. Castle chose Nick because Nick has set two middle school records in both shot put and discus.  According to Mr. Castle, “He is continually improving every performance. Nick is a once-in-a-lifetime athlete with any coach.”

Nick’s record for shot-put is 64.3 feet, a national record; his school record for discus is 170.4 feet.

            Nick started at Woodbury Central at the beginning of this school year after attending school in Kingsley. 


MS Athlete of the Week

By Daylon Stapp

            Woodbury Central's middle school Athlete of the Week is eighth grader Josie Buckholtz. Josie was chosen because, according to her coach, she "strives to get better" with each track meet and “just continues to get better and better.” Coach Castle also noted that Josie set a school record in the 10 flight hurdles, and then broke her own record at the following competition.

Cutline pictured above is Colt Petersen and Tanner Ploen

By Jeff Walker

This week’s Woodbury Central's middle school Student of the Week is a tie between Tanner Ploen and Colt Petersen; they were chosen by their teacher, Mrs. Heiman.

"These students are always willing to help out whenever asked. They work hard and do their best," says Mrs. Heiman. "Tanner and Colt are my go-to guys whenever something needs fixing, moved, or hung up. I will miss these two next year; good luck in high school, guys!”

Mitchell Countryman 


By Jeff Walker

Mrs. Dandurand has picked Mitchell Countryman as this week's Woodbury Central Middle School "Student of the Week." She chooses him because he works ahead on his studies, offers great class participation, helps other students, and submits his work on time.

            “Mitch earned an A+ on the Middle Ages test. He has great class participation,” says Mrs. Dandurand.


Pictured above is Briana Meals

By Jeff Walker

This week’s math Student of the Week is sixth grader Briana Meals. “This student has worked hard in increasing her basic comprehension skills,” explains Mr. Castle, adding that she works many extra hours each week to improve herself. "Her grades have steadily risen because of this effort," Mr. Castle notes, "and her self-confidence in math has become demonstrably evident."

“Brianna epitomizes what perseverance can do to improve one’s self-confidence” Mr. Castle says.

Ben and Zech
 Pictured above are Blake Erdmann, and Zach Pokinghorn WC 8th grader


By Jeff Walker

            Mrs. Hubert’s eighth grade language students are researching information for their Life Reports project. This project helps them understand the changes in the world from "back then to the present day." Students first ask one of their relatives, 70 years old or older, what they did when they were about the same age as the students are now.  Then students compile this information into a Prezi to present to their classmates.

            The students benefit from this project by learning what life was like in the past, and how life was different without the technology we have today.

            They have been working on this project for about a month.

            “I actually learned where my family really came from and how cool my family actually is,” says Blake, son of John and Lisa Erdmann.


 Students from left to right, Stephanie Havlicek and Eathan Copeland.

By Austin Thompson

 The semester has ended, and those students who just entered middle school for the first time last fall found it to be a big change from their elementary school years. Luckily, Woodbury Central has teachers like Mrs. Hubert.

Mrs. Hubert teaches middle school English, and also a computer class to sixth graders. In English they read short stories such as “The Rat Catcher.” Currently they are writing short stories about their favorite person and place; they read these stories in front of the class while sitting on the “Author’s Chair.”

“It gives them a chance to express themselves in front of their peers that they normally wouldn’t have,” says Mrs. Hubert.

In Computer class, students learn how to create an email, how to send attachments, and how to type correctly and rapidly.



 Mrs. Gallagher, a WC Middle School teacher, has chosen Alexis Strachan to be a “Student of The Week.”

            Strachan was the only sixth grade student to “ace” Mrs. Gallagher’s quiz over electricity. “Alexis is a very hardworking student that is willing to participate in class and help others if they want to understand,” praises Mrs. Gallagher.

MS spotlight
By Ben Erdmann

In picture: (Back row, left to right) Seth Even, Alexis Strachan, Autumn Weaver, Jake Kuntz, Wade Mitchell, Seth Mattioda, Devin Tylee. (Front row left to right) Abigail Collins, Lexie Foley, Gracia Widman, Hanna Stratton, Jo Leslie.


For the past eight weeks Mrs. Dandurand’s sixth grade social studies students have been working on the Ancient Egypt Interdisciplinary unit. They made eight projects during eight weeks; each project they produced took about a week to complete.

The projects that students created consist of a coffin, a story about their pharaoh, a sarcophagus from a shoebox, a plastic mummy, a canopic jar of clay, and a curse they wrote. Then they placed five objects into the sarcophagus that they would take with them to the afterlife. The students’ favorite part of these projects was “drawing the mummy” and “the five things to bring into the afterlife.”

“Students gain an understanding of the importance of pharaohs in Egyptian society and about life in Ancient Egypt,” Mrs. Dandurand says. While studying Ancient Egypt, the students are taught about the mummification process and the purpose of pyramids. The students also get to learn about sarcophaguses and hieroglyphics. “Students have an opportunity to be creative,” Mrs. Dandurand says.

By Jeff Walker


            Through the “WC Movement to Promote Avid Reading,” Mrs. Wright is helping seventh and eighth grade students to “Read 80 Minutes”; that is, read 80 minutes over a four-day period each week. As a middle school campaign developed personally by Mrs. Wright, this “Read 80” project is for middle school students to develop good reading habits outside the school day to help them now and in their futures. “This is something I came up with as a gimmick for the kids to learn to make reading be a part of their everyday lives,” Mrs. Wright explains of the project that is formatted similar to the “NFL Play 60” which encourages people to stay active for their good health. Mrs. Wright adds that many students seem to “use their social groups to encourage them to read.” This campaign runs until Christmas break.

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