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Woodbury Central Middle School student Karsen Gray is Student of the Week for his English teacher Mrs. Hubert. A recent English class project created by Mrs. Hubert offered 5 options in which Karsen chose the option to give a Life Report. For the Life Report, students interview an older person they know and compose questions to record the interview on video with audio.

Karsen interviewed his great-grandma Miller. Mrs. Hubert says, “Karsen’s questions were very detailed which helped lead to a thoughtful, insightful video presentation.” This project helped Karsen create “a memorable video interview with his great-grandmother.” Mrs. Hubert adds that “Karsen’s Life Report project was an excellent example of how we can all learn from the experiences of older generations.” 

Student of the week
The Woodbury Central middle school student Gage Bennett is chosen as Student of the Week from his reading class. His teacher, Mrs. Marksbury, describes him as a “quiet” and very “rule-orientated” student. According to Mrs. Marksbury, Gage enjoys “structure” and likes to know what goes on. He is an “excellent oral reader” and “keeps you excited” with his “expression-filled reading about what is going to happen next.” Mrs. Marksbury adds, “I’m proud of his accomplishments this year.” Should she describe Gage with a quote, she would say, “Use not only your eyes to judge a person, but your understanding of that person’s daily life.” 

Student of the week
Eighth grader Nate Monahan was chosen by Jake Thomas, the head coach at Woodbury Central, as the Wrestler of the Week on Jan. 29.

Although Nate is not in high school yet, he attends youth, middle, and high school wrestling practices every chance he gets. “If the room is open, Nate is in there, be it youth practice, j-high practice, or open mat,” says Coach Thomas.

“His development in the last couple years is a direct and powerful testament to the results of a positive attitude and a great work ethic,” Coach adds. “I have no doubt he’s going to make an instant impact next year and can’t wait to watch him continue to grow.” 
Woodbury Central student Lindsie Graff is chosen as middle school Athlete of the Week because she works hard every minute she is on the basketball floor. Her coach Mrs. Reinders describes Lindsie as a “leader.” When Lindsie is on the bench, is still “encouraging her teammates to keep playing hard,” her coach assures. “She is always helping and talking to her teammates.” Lindsie, who is a seventh grade student, hustles "every drill, every play, and every minute” she is on the court and “puts in the extra work it requires to be the best athlete possible,” Coach Reinders explains. Lindsie constantly works to better her game and “never stops trying to make that next big play.” Coach adds, “It has been a lot of fun coaching her this year.”

Lindsie Graff
Eighth grader Megan Warren recently won the Woodbury Central competition of the National Geographic Bee which moves her one step closer to the $50,000 college scholarship. “I felt so excited and happy that I get to move on,” Megan says with a smile.

Megan was one of 130 WC students from grades 6-8 who participated in the Geographic Bee. Megan and other finalists were read their final questions by WC principal, Mr. Bormann on Jan. 19 in the school theater. The WC Bee, during which middle school students answered questions about US geography, was the first of many rounds in the 28th annual National Geographic Bee.

Thousands of schools around the United States participate; the first place national champion will receive a $50,000 college scholarship, a lifetime membership in the Society which includes a subscription to National Geographic magazine, and a National Geographic Expeditions trip to a national park. “I’m nervous for the Geographic Bee because there will be harder competition,” says Megan who will soon take a qualifying test. Megan says she will prepare for the Geographic Bee by “studying some maps, studying for me is pretty easy because I’ve visited a lot of places.” Nearly 100 of the top scorers on that test in each state will then be eligible to compete in their state Bee on April 1. 

Molly Hayworth is this week's Student of the Week in Woodbury Central’s middleschool. Molly, a sixth grader, received the highest scoring A in her entireclass on the most recent Earth Science test; the test covered two chapters ofinformation.

Mrs. Gallagher, the middle school scienceteacher, says, “Molly is a very hardworking student who is respectful andcourteous to her classmates.” She adds, “Molly also works well with othersduring projects in the science lab.” 

Erika Kuntz
Woodbury Central’s sixth grader, Erika Kuntz, “is an excellent reader,” according to Mrs. Murray who is temporarily teaching Mrs. Bock’s reading classes. Mrs. Murray adds that Erika is kind to others, is willing to help, and has read more than three dozen books “so far this year, and always has a book in her hand.”

 Mrs. Murray says that she is “proud” of Erika. “Erika is a fine student that always puts forth extra effort.”




    The sixth grade art classes at Woodbury Central are using tempera paints tocreate parodies of either the “Mona Lisa” or “American Gothic.” “We start this lesson by learning about the artists that created these two paintings,” says art teacher Mr. Buckley. “We also discuss what a parody is and how to make one.”

            After the lesson, students start by sketching four images. “We figure out the colors,” explains Mr. Buckley.  Once they complete the sketches, “we then go through the color-mixing, and learn how to make different colors, along with painting techniques,” says Mr. Buckley. Students learn about art history and how to express themselves. “I like this project, but it is a little challenging,” says Halle Dennison.

            Students become acquainted with the two famous pieces of art, and the artists that created them. During this project, students expand their knowledge of tempera paints and color theory. “Sixth graders create an original artwork, and determine the direction of their parody,” says Mr. Buckley.



Mrs. Lilly and the Woodbury Central TAG students will design a wind turbine to take to the Kid Wind Challenge competition this next spring. “Each team will put their turbine project in a wind tunnel and it will be judged on how well it performs,” states Mrs. Lilly.

The students are “excited to explore the possibilities and create their own wind turbines,” Mrs. Lilly says. “This activity is a great opportunity for critical thinking, collaboration, fun, excitement, and friendly competition.”

tagOn Oct. 1, Jordan Menning, a guest speaker in Mrs. Lily’s TAG class, introduced students to these wind turbines that will be in Primghar, IA this fall. “They will have the country’s largest wind farm of 214 wind turbines,” states Mr. Menning. “There will be 20 to 25 new jobs created because of these new turbines.”


Cutline: 7th grader Madelynn Paulsen

Middle School Spotlight

By Tony Glackin

            As Mrs. Hubert’s seventh grade Language class embarks on an entrepreneurial project this week to design an amusement park, the students group together to decide upon the nearest place to Moville that will be the best place for an amusement park.

            Eighth grader Seth Mattioda participated in the project last year. He commented that “it was one of the more fun things we did last year, and the best part was designing the park.”

            During this project, students develop skills such as the ability to communicate ideas effectively, and work appropriately and productively with others. The students research theme park ideas and current land surveys in Woodbury County and “complete a brief feasibility study,” Mrs. Hubert states. They will also decide how best to present the information they gather to a group of students posing as potential investors.

            “This project was implemented to address an essential problem faced by people in today’s society,” says Mrs. Hubert. “How can we persuade others to accept our ideas when writing or speaking?”

            Student presentations include a park drawn to scale, research from the feasibility study, and any additional information that the students choose to provide. It is a two-week project that teaches students how to communicate ideas to a group, and provides a bit of a break from normal classroom routines. 

Middle School Student of the Week

Student of the Week


Woodbury Central eighth grader Joshua Garcia is Student of the Week for his work in math class. Mrs. Stokes chose him because “Josh has been a great example to his peers. He perseveres through difficult problems and concepts, as well as making corrections when the opportunity arises.”

 Josh says that he does his “math homework to help for the math test, and I study to make a good grade on my test.”

According to Mrs. Stokes, Josh puts in “a lot of effort to further his mathematical understanding” in his class. 


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