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New Student (Kim Looschelders)

By Alec Still


            Woodbury Central recently gained a new junior, Kim Looschelders. She is from Paderborn, Germany, a city of about 150,000. She began the school year at Belmond Klemme, and will finish her school year as a Wildcat.

            Kim says the hardest thing about leaving Germany and coming to a different country is “leaving everything and everyone behind.” She decided to come to school in the United States because she wanted to experience something new, and get to know the American culture.

            When pressured, Kim will explain herself in five words, “adaptable, quiet, open, kind, and clumsy.” Kim values her family and friends most in life because “they are always there for me, and support me in my decisions.” One of her goals in life is travel more of the world to be able to “get to know more cultures.” Kim plans attend a university in a different country outside of Germany and is undecided on what she wants to study.

Kim is currently living with Amy and Marc Fixsel in Moville.



TaylorIf you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go first? Explain.

                Freshman: Gunnar Christiansen said he would like to visit France; he would love to see the Eiffel Tower.

                Sophomore: McKenna Smith said she would travel to Paris. “It’s my dream place to visit.” She would go see the Eiffel Tower, and to the Pont des Arts bridge, the “Love Lock” bridge.

                Junior: Austin Wilcox said he would go to Washington D.C. because it would be cool to see the old history buildings that are there.

Senior: Taylor West said she would go to Poland because “I have some relatives over there and I have never been there before.”

Cutline Ethan Schultzen is presenting his PowerPoint on Celina BaezSpanish

High School Spotlight

Mrs. Stratton- Hispanic American project

By Alec Still


            Woodbury Central’s Spanish IV students were assigned to research a Hispanic American who has impacted or influenced our country. The project was assigned during first quarter because Hispanic Heritage month was Sept. 15–Oct. 15. “The students were asked to search for a Hispanic American who has somehow impacted or influenced some area of the USA,” said Spanish teacher Mrs. Stratton.

Students were encouraged to pick an area of their own interests or of their chosen career fields, such as medicine. According to Mrs. Stratton, they learned what made their person influential, events that changed their lives, and obstacles that person overcame. Through class discussion, students learn about the relationship between the concepts, practices and perspectives of other cultures. Senior Michelle Putze commented, “It was interesting to learn about Hispanic people who have influenced our culture.” The project took roughly two weeks; upon their completion, students presented them as a PowerPoint to their classmates.


Biourt C 

Katelyn Gebel

Ms. Logan

HS Spot- McElrath

23 October 2015


The Woodbury Central sophomore biology classes are involved in a very detailed “Survivor Project” to study causes of death. “The students compare males and females dying before and after 1950,” states Mrs. McElrath, biology teacher. She adds that this project offers “a real-life understanding of how fast life can change.”

Students visited the cemetery on Sept. 29 and Oct. 1; then they spent 1-2 days graphing their data, 3-4 days researching, writing a paper and a presentation, and 2 days presenting projects. “I learned a lot about Moville, especially the cemetery," explains Carter Schultzen. I didn’t know that people were buried so long ago. I also thought it was interesting to learn the different causes of death throughout the decades.”       Their other research includes “healthcare such as medicine and vaccinations, history such as wars, and forms of accidents,” says Mrs. McElrath. “In interviewing a family member, they were able to learn more about family history and changes over time.”



Filippa OrnbergArtist of the Week Filippa Ornberg

By Faith Schlotman

Foreign exchange student Filippa Ornberg was chosen as Artist of the Week by Mr. Buckley.  “Filippa is a creative and dedicated student,” Mr. Buckley says. “She is a hard worker and insightful thinker." 

Filippa enjoys sketching, and as she works on a sketch, she "lets her hand do all the work."

“Most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing, but none-the-less, I like making things from scratch,” she explains.

 “What really impressed me about Filippa is her eagerness to dive into a challenge,” Mr. Buckley adds. “When presented with a project, Filippa thinks through, sketches, and re-thinks her idea until a perfect solution is found.”  

q & aCutline: L-R Gage Beller, Katie Ehrig, Macey Hoefling, Clay Baldwin


Katelyn Gebel

Ms. Logan

Q and A

16 October 2015


This week, Woodbury Central students answered the question “If you were given one wish, what would it be?” Freshman Gage Beller answered, “I would wish I could fly, because I think it would be fun and so I could see around the world.”

Sophomore Katie Ehrig said, “to go back to Europe for another three weeks because I miss being with my friends every day while touring Europe.”

Junior Macey Hoefling replied, “to not have the ability to feel mine, or others’, hearts break. It would make life a whole lot easier to handle.”

 Senior Clay Baldwin answered, “I would wish for an endless supply of Scooby Doo fruit snacks because they are what keep me going every day.”

Halloween Fundraiser

By Alec Still


Every year, the Woodbury Central juniors and their parents are in charge of fundraising to help provide funds for the Junior-Senior Prom. On Oct. 30-31, juniors will host several activities at the fairgrounds during Halloween weekend. One of the activities, a Zombie Run 5k, will begin at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 30 at the fairgrounds; entry fee for the 5k is $20.

Before the run there will be a “pre-party” with a DJ at the fairgrounds. The 5k run will start at Old Town, circle the town and finish at Old Town. Runners will be given a flag and during the run, “zombies” will attempt to take flags away from the runners. The first runner to return with his or her flag still attached wins a prize.

After the run, juniors and their parents will also sponsor a hay ride and a scary movie as well as an “Old Town Haunted Tour.” The Haunted Tour will run from 9-11 p.m. at the fairgrounds. The entry fee for Old Town will be $5.

Activities on Halloween Day begin at 2 p.m. with an obstacle course at the grandstands. Later that night, the “Haunted Tour” will again run from 7:30 -11p.m. The cost is $5; however, those who have their 5k-run bracelet from the previous night will get in free.

 “I think it’s just going to go fantastic. A lot of kids will enjoy it and a lot of money will be raised," comments junior Jacob Harris. "This will be a great fundraiser for our junior class.” The money raised from the weekend will also go toward WC’s AgED/ FFA funds.


Fillipa Oernberg Interview by Katelyn Gebel



Fillipa Oernberg is a foreign exchange student living with the Fixsel family: Marc, Amy and their two sons, Erik and Tanner. Fillipa’s parents, Katarina and Mangus Oernberg remain in Malmo, Sweden, with her brother, Malte, and three sisters: Fiona, Marta and Elsa. Her mother leads a community evolvement program for trains in Sweden and her father is a computer coder and technician.

 Woodbury Central is quite different from Fillipa’s school in Malmo. She claims that “the food, dress code, classes, the way you set up your schedule, the fact that you have sports connected to the school and a lot more” are some of the differences. To begin her senior year at WC, Fillipa joined volleyball and some art classes. Her favorite part of WC so far is, “the nice people that go here," and adds with a smile, "well the ones I have met at least.”

Fillipa's many interests include “drawing and watching the football games.” She enjoys listening to music such as “Stromae, Anisiktet, and Marina and the Diamonds” which are Swedish bands and different styles of music. In her free time Fillipa likes to "occupy myself with friends, drawing, relatives, or the 'new classic,' TV.” Fillipa enjoys sewing so much that "I made my dress for my ninth grade graduation.”

With a smile Fillipa says, “I wanted to experience America and your way of life to figure out what I want to be my way of life.” Some important figures in Fillipa's life are "My family because I love them." She adds, "I also admire my sister because she is awesome, smart, and nice and knows what she wants.”

Fillipa describes herself as “'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,' because I can,” as well as “funny and high-spirited” and definitely "not mean.”




New Student Julia Garcia



By Faith Schlotman

 This year Woodbury Central welcomes new student Julia Garcia. Julia moved here from Texas with her parents and two siblings, Josh and Taylor; Taylor, Julia says, is her role model.

The best part of being a new student is “making new friends,” says Julia, and then adds that she dislikes “when people stare at her, and not knowing where any classes are.” When she compares her former school to WC, she reports, “We couldn’t have our phones out at all,” and “if we got them taken away, we had to pay $15 each to get them back.”

Julia’s favorite subject is Algebra ll; she enjoys the challenges presented by math questions. Her least favorite subject is English. The last three books that she read were Divergent, and part of the Hunger Games series: Mockingjay and Catching Fire. If she could have one wish, she would wish to become “a movie star.” She explains, “That’s all I ever wished and dreamed about.” When it comes to other important decisions, Julia just goes with the flow and continues with her day.

In her spare time Julia enjoys throwing a football, watching movies, fishing and playing basketball. In five years, she wants to be studying criminal law or marine biology.


Mrs. Lilly


New teacher: Mrs. Lilly


By Katelyn Gebel


Mrs. Lilly, the new TAG teacher, recently returned to Woodbury Central after attending as a kindergartener. The following year her family moved a mile east into the Kingsley-Pierson School District. “So yes, I was a Panther, but now I am a Wildcat,” she says with a smile. “I like cats, so everything is good.” She grew up on a farm which “helped me to be responsible” and taught her to work hard.

 “I enjoy the teaching profession as each day brings something new when you’re working with students,” explains Mrs. Lilly, before she adds that she is “organized, self-motivated and gets along with everyone.” When she works with students, “I love seeing their eyes light up as they grasp a new concept or have a new idea to solve a problem.”

 At the end of the school day, Mrs. Lilly helps Coach Lilly with the football team. “I must say this year has been enjoyable as the boys are respectful and have good manners,” she states.

Mrs. Lilly has taught 3 years in Lawton, 8 years in Orange City, and 7 years in Bellevue, NE. Mrs. Lilly is a graduate from Dana College in Blair, NE with a BA in K-12 TAG and Art Education.