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The Woodbury Central freshman class is “going for an old school theme” for this year’s Sweetheart Dance; during the first week of February, freshman class leaders asked students to vote for two girls from their classes to be crowned Sweetheart Queen. These candidates include: seniors Maddie Crichton and Kalynn Manker; juniors Brooke Bauer and Loryn Nettleton; sophomores Miah Manker and Emma Persons; and freshmen Maddie Paulsen and Hanna Stratton.

            “WC’s freshman class wants this Sweetheart Dance to be a big success, and a fun, memorable event for all students to enjoy,” says freshmen sponsor Mrs. Manker.

            WC senior Brandon Riebesell will host the music during the dance with all of his equipment. It will cost $3 per person to attend the dance. During the dance, the freshman class will provide water and punch for anyone who would like to purchase it.

             The dance will be held from 7:00 to 10:00 pm on Feb. 24. The dance will take place in the WC school commons, and will cost $3 per person to attend.   



High School Student of The Week – Mrs. Hansen

9 February 2017

By Kameron Paulsen


            Zach Thomas was chosen Student of the Week from Mrs. Hansen’s Foods ll class at Woodbury Central.

            Zach, a junior, has improved in the Foods classroom, Mrs. Hansen explains. ”He has come a long way in his knowledge and application of food preparation principles,” she adds.

            “Zach has grown so much as a culinarian," says Mrs. Hansen.  "He has a good understanding and appreciation for food selection and preparation.”  

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High school spotlight Ms. Reinders By Loryn Nettleton

 “I’ve learned how unique Iceland is, and a lot of cool things about this country,” says Sidney Steffen, a sophomore at Woodbury Central. Sidney is completing a project for her World Geography class, taught by Ms. Reinders. In this project, the students research a country in Europe, make a poster of the information, and present the information to the class.

Ms. Reinders says the students benefit from this project because “they get to know about different countries and their cultures around the world.”

According to Ms Reinders, this project becomes part of the curriculum by “allowing students to locate countries on the map, and explaining cultures found around the world.” Most of the students in World Geography are sophomores; Ms. Reinders has one section of this class.


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When asked if he could talk to anybody, dead or alive, freshman Wade Mitchell answered, “My wrestling coach Scott Linden, because he always has something to say because he is so smart, and he doesn’t add to the conversation unless he has something relevant to the conversation.”

Sophomore Derek Hytrek, “TBJ AKA Matt Nissen, because he is a really cool dude and always has something funny to say.”

Junior Colton Herbold answered, “Evan Vanoss, because he is my favorite YouTuber and I want to know how he edits his videos.”

Senior Matt Peterson, “John Cena, because he has been my idol since I started watching WWE when I was, like, 6.”







 When Woodbury Central students are asked “What is the best movie you have ever seen, and why?”
 freshman James Dahill answers “Jurassic Park.” “It is action-packed and a classic, the movie has good actors like Jeff Goldblum,” says James. James claims it’s one of the best movies he’s ever seen.

Sophomore Emma Persons answers “Mulan” because “it has action, but I like the drive that Mulan has and the girl-power that it shows.” Emma adds that “Mulan” is the best Disney movie she has ever seen.

Junior Sean Parks identifies movie “Mr. Nobody” because “It was very thought- provoking, I love the way the director symbolizes things and characters with uses of color.” Sean thinks Jared Leto does “a tremendous acting job,” and “all around, it is a great movie.”

Erin Tomoson, a senior, answers “Creed” as the best movie she has ever seen. When asked why, she replies, “it was intense throughout the whole movie, and it was all about boxing, which really interests me.” Erin believes “Creed” is a great movie and a “must see” for all.  


High School Student of the Week- Beth Struve

26 January 2017

By Brandon Stender

Elizabeth Struve, a junior at Woodbury Central, is selected by Ms. Reinders to be this week’s “Student of The Week.” Ms. Reinders, a second year government teacher, describes Beth as a “critical thinker and great friend and student.” Ms. Reinders also enjoys that Beth consistently works hard and answers fully all questions in class.

“Beth is an ideal student,” adds Ms. Reinders. “She is a positive role model and mentor to her peers. She thinks critically and always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She is a fantastic student and an even better person.”


Woodbury Central students shared the most beautiful sight they have ever seen; their answers ranged from manmade landmarks to beautiful works of nature.

            Karsen Gray, a freshman, says that the most beautiful sight he has ever seen is “a sunrise in Iowa at 6:35 in the morning. It was purple, orange, and yellow, and the colors blended together perfectly.”

 “Disney World is so pretty,” says Jade Davidson, a sophomore. “I saw the sign that said ‘Disney World’ and I was just so happy.”

            Blake Stratton, a junior, vividly describes his view of the capital city of the United States. “Flying over Washington DC in the springtime, when all the cherry blossoms are blooming. It was the pretty colors from thousands of feet in the air. It looked cool.”

            Senior Kendall Fouts answers, “I like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis because it’s really big and it looks really pretty on the river.”