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Elementary School before and after school program

By Celine Bendl

Darla Robley is responsible for the before and after school program of Woodbury Central Elementary School. The Woodbury Central Extended Day Program’s purpose is to support the mission statements of the district as well as preschool and elementary schools.

The program is for child care before and after school. The children have the opportunities for recreational and enrichment activities, such as: tutoring, developing peer relationships, rest and relaxation times, art and crafts, dramatic play, storytelling. This program is also important in it’s ability to fill a parent need before and after school. The program is especially practical for parents who have to work early in the morning and until late in the afternoon. They are encouraged to just bring their kids into school, instead of having them alone at home.

The Extended Day Program is available from 7am to 8am before school and breakfast is provided via the school cafeteria plan. After school, the program resumes at 3:30pm and is available until 6pm. The kids also get an afternoon snack at 4pm every day.

Every child who is enrolled in Woodbury Central, ages preschool through 5th grade can join the program. To join the childcare program, the parents have to contact the school office or Darla Robley (712-870-0445 or drobley@wcwildcats.org). What an awesome program and opportunity that can be utilized!