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Elementary Spotlight By Kameron Paulsen

In Mrs. Paulsen’s third grade class, the children of Woodbury Central are learning how to create “10 Awesome Adjectives” to complete the sentence “My snowman is…” based on a snowman they have drawn. These children are learning a part of speech: adjectives. The Awesome Adjective project also benefits their spelling, writing, and creativity, says their teacher. The whole class is involved in this fun learning activity.

The project “is a part of our reading and grammar curriculum, as well as our writing,” Mrs. Paulsen says. The children write their adjectives on the base of a snowman that they’ve drawn and create the rest of the snowman to match their words, she adds.

The project lasts 1-2 days, and students spend about 30 minutes on each lesson. The lessons include a mini-lesson on adjectives, pre writing, revising, and their artwork.