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Choquette Elementary Spotlight Butterflies

By McKenna Alitz

“My favorite part was when the butterfly came out of his chrysalis,” said Jenna Widman, a student in Mrs. Choquette’s first grade class. Jenna and her classmates have been observing the life cycle of a butterflies, mealworms, waxworms, and milkweed bugs.

According to Mrs. Choquette, first graders “are capable of identifying the four stages of the life-cycle of an insect” and “realize the importance of having milkweed in our fields and ditches.” Monarchs only lay their eggs on milkweed, and monarch caterpillars only eat milkweed leaves. So the students have learned that “if we have no milkweed, we have no monarchs.”

Mrs. Choquette explained that all students “make observations and record them in their journals.” Most “observed the transformation that takes place during the life cycle of the butterfly.”  

Students also learned about insect migration and hibernation. “Our first Monarch Butterfly emerged on Sept. 10” and shortly thereafter, the students released it. “We hope he makes it to Mexico for the winter,” stated Mrs. Choquette.

The project fits perfectly with the science curriculum; the class will spend six-eight weeks observing the life cycle of different insects during their science classes.