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Woodbury Central’s third grade teacher Mr. Kobliska chose Olivia Dixon as Student of the Week.

            According to Mr. Kobliska, Olivia works on her math problem solving skills almost every day and takes pride in doing this. “Olivia is a hard worker.”

            “Olivia takes pride in her work and likes to do projects in art,” Mr. Kobliska says. “She is currently working on a painting of the solar system.”

Student of the week
For second grader, Isabella Pacheco, politics and social studies are some of her primary interests.

According to Mrs. Anderson, her teacher at Woodbury Central, Isabella has been doing an outstanding job in Social Studies. “We have been discussing politics and the upcoming election and she has a great deal to share about the political candidates,” says Mrs. Anderson.

 “If Isabella continues to follow politics this closely, I am sure that she herself could be someday be president,” Mrs. Anderson adds. 

Student of the Week

Woodbury Central second grader, Nathan Benidix, was chosen as Student of the Week because of his outstanding improvement in spelling. Nathan’s teacher, Mrs. Anderson says, “He has been devoting a great deal of time to practice and it has really paid off.” Nathan moved from Arizona, this year which “could not have been an easy transition,” says Mrs. Anderson. “He continues to adapt and improve daily.”

Student of the Week
 Woodbury Central third grade student Cade Ploen was chosen by his teacher Mr. Kobliska as Student of the Week. “Cade is a hard worker and completes his work on time,” Mr. Kobliska says. “He has improved his timed reading scores.”

Along with Cade’s improvement throughout the year, Mr. Kobliska notes Cades politeness and hard work. “He did a good job of dressing up as Martin Luther King when our class put on the Wax Museum,” adds Mr. Kobliska. 

Cade PloenAt Woodbury Central, Shyla Bremer’s Class of 2028 is “Students of the Week” in her eyes because her students have worked hard to grow “tremendously: academically and socially.”

Since all of her kindergarten students have improved so much this year, Mrs. Bremer couldn’t chose just one of them for this designation. “They have been working hard for 118 days now.” Mrs. Bremer says. “They are learning to read, write and be good friends.” 

Kindergarten class of the week
Mr. DeStigter has chosen several Woodbury Central fifth graders to be Students of the Week. “At the beginning of the year, through the State Routes to School program, these students volunteered to help fellow classmates and other elementary students get to school safely.”

These volunteers help other elementary students cross the street, he explains. “They have shown that they can be leaders in our school and our community by showing up on time and helping others.”  These safety patrol volunteers include Will DeStigter, Kyan Schultzen, Liberty Carley, Hailee Crum, Ava Hayes, Laci McElrath, Ella Guthridge, Luke Persons, Katelyn Archer and Caleb Hendrickson.

Mr. D. says with a smile, “I believe these kids have been great role models for all students of WC. They have shown responsibility and good character all year. Thank you everyone on behalf of your whole school.”

Student of the week

Woodbury Central elementary principal Mrs. Mathers chose fourth grader Faith Stam for Student of the Week.

            Mrs. Wright, Faith’s teacher, says Faith volunteered to create a presentation about her trip to Washington D.C. Faith presented it as part of the United States unit which she and her classmates are currently studying.

            Faith incorporated her experiences and facts into her presentation. Rather than just say “this is the Washington Monument” or “this is the White House,” Faith offered facts like “this is where Lincoln got shot but it’s still used today.”

            “She is very honest about her thoughts, and it shows in her presentation,” Mrs. Wright says, and then adds that Faith used out-of-school hours to put it together. “She was passionate and could have talked all afternoon if time would have allowed.” 

Faith Stam
First grader Camron Zellmer of Woodbury Central was chosen as Student of the Week by his teacher, Mrs. Countryman.

Mrs. Countryman explains that she chose Camron because he works hard in class and shows great determination as he improves his reading. She says that Camron has made "wonderful progress" toward his reading goals. "He applies the reading strategies he has learned to make him successful in reading,” says Mrs. Countryman. “Camron never gives up." 


Cameron Paulsen

Katelyn Gebel

Elementary Spotlight


Students in Woodbury Central third grade classes are designing their own communities with “flat pop boxes and materials they choose,” states third grade teacher Mr. Kobliska.

“We made a ‘Jurassic World’ community,” explains Colton Warren. “It was very fun making it.” Students create their projects to “better understand the meaning of a community” and have the chance to “create their own community.”

The third graders will “study student community types in Social Studies and write a paragraph about it,” Mr. Kobliska adds.

 The project lasts about a week.