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Mr. Royer 3 generations

By Amos Brosamle

During his decades of teaching and counseling at Woodbury Central, Mr. Royer has worked with three generations of the same family.

In 1975, Kevin Ruring was one of Mr. Royer's math students. Back in 1975, only one year of math was required for high school graduation; three years of math is now required to graduate from high school.

Josh Ruring, the son of Kevin Ruring, was also Mr. Royer's math student; in 1992 when Josh worked with Mr. Royer, two years of math were required for graduation.

In 2011, Keely Ruring entered middle school. At that time Mr. Royer became her guidance counselor, completing the three generation cycle. Keely is Josh Ruring's daughter, and Kevin Ruring's granddaughter. Mr. Royer says that he enjoyed working with all three generations. He retires this year.