| Break / Lunch Information |

  • Woodbury Central is pleased to offer two meals/day *breakfast & lunch* unless adverse weather or special events change the day's schedule 
  • Parents are welcome to share these meals with their children.    
  • Account balances for meals remain in your child's account all year long, and parents of younger students are notified when their child's meal account gets low.
  • Older students are given a note.
  • If  you have any questions about your child's account balance for meals, please call the main office @ 712/873-3128. 
  • Thank you for participating in the meal program this year.


Click HERE for lunch balance information.

Here are the lunch times for the various grades:

Elementary: 11:00 - 11:45 (youngest students first; older, last)

Middle School: 11:48 - 12:14  

High School: Early Lunch 12:12-12:36

Second Lunch 12:38 - 1:04