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Prostart®️ 1 Field Trip

Following a study of different types of restaurant service, ProStart® 1 students enjoyed a field trip to Kahill’s Chophouse at the Delta Hotels South Sioux City Riverfront on April 4th. The Prostart®️ 1 class was studying the different serving styles of restaurants and tested them out on each other in class, before going to Kahills.  Students have studied and practiced American, French, and English service with their classmates. Service at Kahill’s features detailed traditional American service in comfortable surroundings.


Ms. Hanson, the Prostart®️ teacher, stated “After you practice on each other you can see it in real life, and see the application.” The students were introduced to tasty food as well, being offered desserts at the end of their meal. The ProStart® class savored a variety of different menu items. Receiving great raves were the gouda mashed potatoes, sirloin with pepper demi glace and the chocolate chip cookie dough crème brulee.

 Executive Chef Andrew Burger, spoke to the students as well, showing them the ins and outs of the kitchen and its other chefs as well. He gave a tour of the kitchen and explained some of the workings of a large facility like Kahill’s. Chef Burger also detailed his rise through the ranks from local high school graduate to becoming executive chef. The Prostart®️ 2 class is going to Shahi Palace (an Indian cuisine) next week.

*pictures attached (will send out names tomorrow)


-Nathan Lister


Prostart Class

Prostart Class