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Band Trip
Every few hard years, the Woodbury Central high school band takes a short trip to have fun and reward the students for their hard work and effort in the program. Fifteen WC senior band members left March 18 for this year’s trip to Minneapolis, planned by Mrs. Wurth, the WC band director. Linda Fetterman drove the students on this trip and was able to enjoy the weekend’s activities along with the kids.

Shortly after arriving at their hotel, the band members loaded the bus again to go to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater for a tour, dinner, and to watch a performance of “Beauty and the Beast.” The following day, the students visited the Mall of America to shop, to play mini-golf, and also eat lunch at the different restaurants. Before returning to the hotel, the students toured the Science Museum of Minnesota. The rest of the evening including hot tubing and swimming in the hotel pool; on Sunday, Linda drove the bus full of tired students back home.

Hunter Bryan, one of the seniors on the trip, claims “we (the senior band members) worked hard for it. We were responsible and respectful. But most importantly, we had fun.” Hunter thought the trip was “a great experience to see life in the big city of Minneapolis.” Hunter says he “will always cherish his class and the trip.” 

Honor Band
 “I use it as an extra to supplement what I’m doing in the classroom,” says band director, Mrs. Wurth about Woodbury Central’s contribution to the Western Valley Conference Honor Band. The 15 high school students and 15 middle school students volunteered or were selected to be a part of Honor Band.

Top middle school and high school students from each conference school will participate on March 21, 2016 at Westwood. The students have the opportunity to play upper level music and play under the direction of other great conductors. Bailey Henschen says, “I have been doing Honor Band since middle school and I really enjoy learning tough music. It’s always a long event but the concerts seem to please everyone who is watching.” Mrs. Wurth admits, “the amount of rehearsal also helps strengthen their endurance.”

The students received their music mid-January so they could practice for about two months in their free time. “Honor Band day is a long day,” states Mrs. Wurth. The Honor Band students rehearse from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and concert time is at 6:00 p.m.


 Marching Band Season information will be starting later this summer.


The Band Students at the State Ensemble Festival Landon Paulsen, Blake Lipinski, and Levi Paulsen

By Easton Petersen

Woodbury Central senior Blake Lipinski, and juniors Levi and Landon Paulsen were selected to prepare and perform solos at the State Ensemble Festival April 12 at Iowa State University in Ames.

According to Blake, working hard and practicing every day got him into the festival and made him a better soloist.

 Participants perform a solo with an accompanist before a judge certified by the IHSMA (Iowa High School Music Association). According to Mr. Petersen, each student selects a solo from well known and high quality music literature.

 “Students benefit by conquering increasing technical and musical demands that differ from normal band literature,” said Mr. Peterson, who teaches instrumental music.